Welcome everyone to my website! You'll find information about the various music services I have to offer as a trombone & didgeridoo musician born and raised from Seattle, Washington. These services include private one on one lessons and school presentations/clinics. An Australian Didgeridoo music / art / cultural presentation called the Didgeridoo Walkabout for schools & libraries. I'm also available as a freelance musician for various projects. If you need live music for an event or venue I have options available as I'm the band leader of a jazz combo and work with various other bands that maybe a good fit for your event. You'll find links to all the various educational and entertainment music services that I produce / instruct / perform above. Feel free to visit the BIO link for additional professional information about myself. It's extremely easy to book services just email me at JG@JGMP.com and we can start the process of signing you up for lessons, presentations & live music today!

Thanks for visiting! I look forward to helping you

expand your musical horizons and

entertaining you soon!

John Groves


WEB: www.JGMP.com or www.JGMP.net