DIDGERIDOO WALKABOUT presented by John Groves

Contact / Booking: JOHN GROVES ~ JG@JGMP.com ~ 253-709-6112 ~ www.DidgeridooGallery.com

WHAT IS THE DIDGERIDOO WALKABOUT? John's Didgeridoo Walkabout is a 50 minute assembly / classroom program that is the perfect supplement to school Australian study unit, multi-cultural studies, world music class, library, scouting programs, church, private party, etc,. In this live music performance presentation your students will learn about how the didgeridoo is made, played, Australian Aboriginal art, geography of Australia, science of sound, music and much more! Mr. Groves performs on many didgeridoos during the presentation demonstrating sounds, various Aboriginal artwork, instrument materials and also shares his stories of his travels in the Australian Outback observing didgeridoo music, art & culture. Please discuss your program needs, schedule and booking with John to customize your Didgeridoo Walkabout experience.

Email JG@JGMP.com or phone 253-709-6112.







ABOUT JOHN GROVES John Groves, American didgeridoo musician, teacher and seller since 1997. Groves resides in the Pocatello, Idaho area and is active as a teacher, performer and seller of didgeridoos. He has performed many private functions and public events over the years at school presentations, Boy & Girl Scout programs, Bank of America Down Under Tour, National Music Museum at the University of South Dakota, Talk 107 Radio in Edinburgh, Scotland and many other appearances. Mr. Groves is available for private lessons, workshops and performances. His studies in didgeridoo have included time in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory of Australia with master makers and players of yidaki and didgeridoo from around Australia as well as other related field experiences. John earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Central Washington University with studies in music performance, music education and ethno-musicology.

*Contact John about your program needs as fees vary depending on location and scheduling.

Available throughout the Pacific Northwest, Inter-Mountian West and USA.

Email John to discuss your programming at JG@JGMP.com


SCHOOL YEAR - 2024 / 2025 & Summer 2024

Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, Boise, Jackson, Seattle, Spokane, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Nevada Utah, Wyoming, Inter-Mountain West, Pacific Northwest, and beyond!